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Lindo abrigo a crochet y ganchillo

Crochet pineapple and blouse

Crochet pineapple and  blouse

Hello, I'm Majovel! I hope that, in these special and familiar dates you have received many gifts, a lot of love and above all, a lot of health. To start the year I decided to make one of your favorite clothes. You guessed right, this blouse with pineapple stitch. I hope you love it. .

The crochet blouse is made on the basis of a stitch of pineapples, I know that you really like this type of work. It's a sober blouse, with a really cute color. I have based on a previous model that I made pink that you liked a lot to make this garment. If you do not remember, I leave the link here.. I leave the link to the size chart for girls you already know. To enter click here Let's see the blouse!


                           Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 1

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 2

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 3


Patron puntada blusa con piñas Majovel crochet


Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 4

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 5

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 6

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 7

Blusa con piñas Majovel crochet 8

I hope you like this dress as much as I do! I think it's a really nice job, ideal to give as a gift. Any questions you have about the work you can leave it in comments, I read them all and I always answer them. They give me a lot of positive energy! If you still have more desire for dresses or want to take ideas for your work I have a very interesting dress special in the link that: A hug!

© copyright. This pattern is my property Majovel crochet can not sell it or share it on the net. It is subject to copyright laws


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