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Lindo abrigo a crochet y ganchillo

Cute crochet woman sweater

Cute crochet woman sweater

Many of you have asked me how to transform a poncho into a jumper with sleeves. Today I bring you this tutorial so you can make this beautiful sweater from a poncho. How can you see is an ideal garment for these dates, perfect to give as a gift.

With this technique you can transform the ponchos into other types of garments like jarseys in a moment by completely changing your work. You already know that you can find all the sizes measurements for women by clicking on this link. Let's see the pattern of the sweater!


Photos of the Sweater

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo 1

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo 2




More photos of the sweater

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo4

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo5

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo 6

Jersey amarillo a crochet y ganchillo7


The result is the most beautiful and practical. We can choose a garment that we do not use or that is out of season and transform it into something totally unique. A nice creative recycling of our work. As always you can leave me any of your doubts in comments that I will answer as soon as I can.  A hug and thanks for your time!


© copyright. This pattern is my property Majovel crochet can not sell it or share it on the net. It is subject to copyright laws


  1. Hi, this us beautiful!
    I just want to check if I understand the sizing properly. The starting chain will measure equal to my hip measurements? How do I make it in size Large / L.
    Thank you for your time .


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