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Crochet pineapple and crochet blouse


Short dress in the form of A crochet

Happy Monday, I am Majovel! This Sunday I bring you a short dress with a crochet shape. The dresses of girl is one of the pieces that you request me and that you like the most. So, this week, I have set to work to design and make this beautiful dress with a bow. It is a short dress, with bow, ideal for spring and summer. It is an elegant and simple to do dress.

In the video tutorial you have to do it step by step. It is a really beautiful job. If you have any doubts with the sizes you can always access my post about sizes for girls over two years of age by clicking link.. I also leave you below, I leave you some absolutely detailed measurements of the dress.

This is the final result

     Imagen Vestidito de talle corto en forma de A o campana 2
This is the final result

Imagen Vestidito de talle corto en forma de A o campana 1

Imagen Vestidito de talle corto en forma de A o campana 6

Measurements of the dress

1 year 52 chains 32 cm or 12.5 "26 fans-7 front-7 behind- 6 and 6 sleeves

2 years 56 chains 35 cm or 13.7 "28 fans-8 front-8 behind- 6 and 6 sleeves

3 years 60 chains 38 cm or 15 "30 fans 8 front- 8 back- 7 and 7 sleeves

4 years 60 chains 38 cm or 15 "30 fans 8 front, 8 behind- 7 and 7 sleeves 2 cm or 3 cm

  longer yoke and skirt length

5 years 64 chains 40 cm 15,7 32 fans 9 front - 9 behind 7 and 7 sleeves

These measurements are approximate taken from the internet. You will have to measure and

Of course if you see that it is large or small, do not continue. I can not

give exact measurements. I can give you approximations. The best thing is that you measure first

starting with the neck contour. From shoulder to armpit (length of yoke) and then

the skirt length. Many thanks to all.

Crochet short-sleeved dress pattern

Patrón del vestido de talle corto a crochet

Pattern of the yoke and skirt

Nod - Repeat 1st round 2 times, 2nd round twice, 3rd round twice. Join front and back continue the skirt with lap 3 6 times more. 4th round 4 or 5 times and 5th 3 or 4 times until reaching the required length.

More pictures of the little dress

The dress is really beautiful, and you can add accessories such as the bow tie, the color you like the most. Elegant and sober, ideal for summer. I also remind you that, if you want to see more patterns of girl dresses I have a special of several entries with dozens of patterns. I leave here the link for you want to see more designs:

I also leave you the link of the wonderful dress with hat that I made the week goes by, in case some of you have not seen it or it has been lost. You have the link by clicking on the link that I leave with Both sets are ideal for these dates. I hope you have liked and give you ideas to do these tasks for your loved ones. If you have any questions you can leave in comments, I will answer immediately. A hug.


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  1. Muchas pero muchísimas gracias por el tutorial de este traje fácil y precioso de hacer. Lo estoy haciendo en hijo color matisado y está quedando precioso. Eres muy buena persona por compartir y tener paciencia al explicar paso por paso como tejer este trajecito e los demás videos también los explicas bien fácil que uno los pueda entender. Cuidate y que DLB siempre.

  2. Bonjour,
    Merci pour le tuto , j'aie un petit problème, il faut faire combien de rangs avec 3 brides dans l'arceau.Merci à l'avance pour votre réponse et encore Merci pour vos tutoriels


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