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Lindo abrigo a crochet y ganchillo

Incredible crochet socks

Incredible crochet socks

Hello crochet friends, I'm Majovel! Welcome, this week I wanted to bring something different to the channel, something different. This week we have the tutorial of these wonderful socks. I think they have turned out great, they are super cute and they are very warm. This week we have put crochet and crochet aside to take the circular needle with which, in a simple way, you can make this pair of socks. 

Before continuing with the explanation of this wonderful work, I would like to remind you that I have opened my written pattern shop in Raverly. I haven't uploaded many patterns yet, but little by little, you will find all the written patterns of the new projects. In addition to a selection of the channel's favorite tasks. Many of you have asked me for the written patterns, so by doing this extra work, you will find these written patterns there for a small price. If you want the written pattern of this cute turtleneck poncho, I'll leave you the link here:

I think they turned out especially well, to make them I used the magic loop technique, with which you can make these socks. The video tutorial has been a bit long, more than an hour, so I've decided to upload it in two parts. I think that in this way you can do the job much better since it is a lot of material and a lot of explanation for a single video. You will have the second part of the tutorial next Wednesday. I hope you like it!


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