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Lindo abrigo a crochet y ganchillo

Infinite crochet picture

 Infinite crochet picture

Hello crochet friends, I am Majovel welcome to my blog! Happy day to everyone! Today I bring you an infinite square stab that, I think, will like you a lot. It is one of those simple stitches, ideal for this time of the year, with which you can do many tasks such as blankets, blankets or even a nice poncho. I hope you like it.

I had not brought a poncho to the channel for a long time and I know it is one of the work that you like, so, this week I thought it would be ideal to bring this nice poncho. During the last weeks we have had the ideal video tutorials for spring and autumn. I think this beautiful poncho for women, a very simple work as always, that you will be great to any of you.

Incredible and simple crochet poncho

As I said before, to make a blanket you only have to repeat this same square until reaching the necessary size. You can also make the square as big as you need. The combinations with two colors are especially good with this stitch, I hope you like it and anything you can leave in comments.


Thank you all very much, any questions you may have about the different tasks, samples or tutorials, leave it in comments. I leave you the reference of the sizes by clicking this link. They are both in centimeters and inches so you can choose the one you like the most. I hope you like it. A hug!


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