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Lindo abrigo a crochet y ganchillo

Coat with short waist dress. Ideal for Christmas

Abrigo a crochet con el vestido de talle corto.

Hello, I'm Majovel! In this Thursday's video I decided to make an ideal red coat to combine it with the white Christmas dress we saw on Sunday. From what I have seen the coat I really like you and I have set to work to create this perfect complement. If you have not seen I leave the link by clicking here.Below I leave a photo of how beautiful the whole is. Go for it!

Set coat

                                       Abrigo rojo a crochet

Short-sleeved dress

Wrap pattern

Nod - Repeat 1st round 2 times, 2nd round twice, 3rd round twice. Join front and back continue the skirt with lap 3 6 times more. 4th round 4 or 5 times and 5th 3 or 4 times until reaching the required length.

                                 Other color options

I hope you like it and give you ideas to carry out this precious work. As you can see, the effect of the set is really nice making the garments ideal for any time of the year. If you have any questions with the measures I leave the following link with much detailed content on the size tables. To access here you just have to click here.

I also remind you that, if you want to see more patterns of girl dresses I have a special of several entries with dozens of patterns. I leave here the link for you want to see more designs:

© copyright. This pattern is my property Majovel crochet can not sell it or share it on the net. It is subject to copyright laws.


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